Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby Sweaters

One of my favorite things to knit - anything for little ones! This sweater was a gift for a friend at work - well, two friends actually. One co-worker's son is married to another co-worker's daughter - and now they are both grandmothers! Welcome, little Ryder.

The yarn is Bernat Cotton Tots. I like it because it is 100% cotton. The pattern is from the same book as the shawl in green below. There is one pattern for boys and another variation for girls. I think I will make the girl one - just because.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Little Hats

This is my favorite hat for little people.
I use whatever colorful stash yarn I have
on hand. This hat is for the cutest little
girl across the street - Claire!

The pattern is from Weezie Wear -

A few years back, knitting became a simple craft that became a passion. From scarves to much more complicated patterns, knitting is a way to decompress after a day at work, a way to express my creative side, and a way to give part of myself through knitted gifts. I hope you enjoy this blog!