Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cason's sweater

From the book One Skein Knitting comes this darling color block cardigan for children. I used all of the yard left over from Cason's baby blanket. This was very easy to knit - I changed the pattern slightly, adjusting for the amount of yard I had. It is meant to be asymmetrical - that is not a mistake!
The trim around the neck and down the front is an attached I-cord. This should have been easy. It only took about 5 tries to get it right. Now I am going to use this trim a lot.

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Journaling Woman said...

Hello, Linda, I thought I would check you out. You are so talented. Your creations are beautiful. I only crochet and have always wanted to knit. I even have the needles just haven't taught myself- well every time I try - disaster.

I love fiber. My sister has a small farm of sheep. She farms the wool. Sometimes I go with her to the fiber fairs. they are so neat and I learn a lot...about fiber AND my sister.

A few years back, knitting became a simple craft that became a passion. From scarves to much more complicated patterns, knitting is a way to decompress after a day at work, a way to express my creative side, and a way to give part of myself through knitted gifts. I hope you enjoy this blog!