Saturday, November 28, 2009

Merry Christmas ornaments

A slight side trip from knitting. I made these ornaments from inspiration found in the best little store: Smitten in downtown McKinney.
First I got some wooden disks at Michaels. Then I tore Christmas carols out of a hymnal - (okay, before you wig out, I did not steal the hymnal. I bought one at Half Price Books and used it.) - and applied them to the disks with mod podge. Used Christmas themed paper on the back, again from Michaels, and glittered the edges. Vintage seam binding made the hangers. By the way, the ornaments are hanging from twine strung across a screen door that came off of my mother's house before it was torn down. Kinda cute, right? One of the rewards personally was reading through the words of these very special hymns. It brought the focus right where it is supposed to be for Christmas - on our Savior!

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Catherine Harvey said...

Can't wait to see them in person tomorrow. I think they look great! Maybe we can make a side business out of this next Christmas!

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