Monday, April 5, 2010

Little Easter Sweater

Little C's first Easter, which he will probably not remember, was cool, slightly misty, and perfect weather for a quick egg hunt and a light cotton sweater! From One More Skein, and knit with Blue Sky Organic Cotton, it is actually for a new born to 6 months. It fit Little C perfectly. And it goes with his argyle outfit from Janie and Jack. Little C loved egg hunting. Actually, the egg hunt meant that he sat in the grass, we rolled the eggs to him, and he threw them back. They were plastic eggs, by the way.

All in all a perfect Easter - and best of all, He is Risen!


Journaling Woman said...

you have been busy, my friend. I love this little sweater, I love the pillows- of course and all the others. Beautiful.

Ellie said...

He is sooo adorable and so is the sweater! Green is one of my fav colors, he looks so sweet in your
new creation! Enjoy C! I will check out some of your other creations!

Cat said...

such a cute baby :-) He loves his sweater and so do I. It goes with so many things this spring.

Ginny the Sock Monkey said...

You certainly should try Etsy, with some beautiful pictures of your items I am sure you would make some sales! Also, shopping there is addicting.

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