Thursday, February 17, 2011

So much yarn. . .

. . .so little time.  That is my mantra for knitting.  I have lots of fabulous yarn, lots of wonderful patterns, and a bunch of ideas in my head.  All it takes is time.  I have had a couple of creations and have put one or two things up on Etsy under the shop name Caught Napping.  Here is one of my favorites.

Here is the story:  I had a pattern for a scarf.  Great pattern.  There were 4 stitch combinations: brick, block, moss, and eyelet.  I had a wonderfully soft skein of Berroco's Comfort.  Perfect.  When I finished the scarf, it was about 30 inches long.  That is not very long in scarf world.  It lay in the drawer for months.  The other day I had a light bulb moment:  Sew it into a circle for a cowl!  I added one twist and it drapes so pretty like in the picture.  I am going to make another just like it - only this time on purpose!

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A few years back, knitting became a simple craft that became a passion. From scarves to much more complicated patterns, knitting is a way to decompress after a day at work, a way to express my creative side, and a way to give part of myself through knitted gifts. I hope you enjoy this blog!